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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Selina and Jude decided to get married there and then. Suddenly a big wedding didn't seem important now they had each other. Also, neither had many friends.

After exchanging their vows, Jude went to his mums funeral.

When Jude returned from his mums funeral he said the ceremony was nice and intimate.

In the late afternoon Selina and Jude decided to extend the house. They created a much larger kitchen, changed the wallpaper, added some counters and two more chairs.

Selina and Jude added a bedroom and painted it red. They added wooden flooring in the kitchen and bedroom.

Selina and Jude added a bathroom with blue tiles.

Selina and Jude added bricks to the outside to make the house stronger. It also looked more like a home now.

With the remaining money Selina and Jude bought a small bookcase and a love seat.

Selina got to work on sweeping the ashes from the fire and convinced Jude to change his clothes.

Jude was wearing his old high school teams jumper with a red shirt underneath, brown trousers and sandals.

Selina helped Jude pick out a black shirt, waistcoat, casual jacket, black jeans and black converses. They agreed her looked so much better, Selina even joked that she would have to watch out no-one tried to seduce him!

Once Selina and Jude had finished extending and decorating the house as well as giving Jude a makeover there wasn't much time left in the day. Selina played her guitar and Jude practised his writing.

Selina and Jude slept very well that night, their first night as husband and wife.

*End of chapter 7. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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