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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

After Jude left again suddenly, Selina decided to play guitar outside. She only realised how late it was dark (and she couldn't seen her guitar strings)  when her phone started to ring. It was Jude. Selina decided to 'have it out with him' about why he kept running off after phone calls...

Selina - Why did you run off again? This is the third time now!
Jude - I was hoping you wouldn't notice, or at least keep count.
Selina - Do you think I am stupid?!
Jude - No! of course, not. I think, no I know you are beautiful, smart and fun.
Selina - Is that your pick up line? Wait... are you seeing other women?!
Jude - Of course not! I wouldn't do that the woman I love. I guess I owe you an explanation?
Selina - Yes, you do.
Jude - My mum died recently, I keep leaving to arrange the funeral, it is tomorrow afternoon.
Selina - Oh, I'm sorry.
Jude - Don't be, she was ill for a long time. It is almost a blessing,
Selina - It is still sad.
Jude - Are you close to your parents? Whenever I ask you change the subject.
Selina - I never really got along with them. They were controlling and strict. I told them my dream was to be a rock star, they laughed at me and told me to get a 'real' job or they would cut me off. So I left.
Jude - That's harsh!
Selina - It was just how they were.
Jude - Well I am glad you moved to Starlight Shores, I would never have met you otherwise.
Selina - You are sweet!
Jude - Can I come over?
Selina - Sure.
Jude - I will see you in a little while.
Selina - Okay, see you soon.
Jude - Bye
Selina - Wait!
Jude - What?
Selina - Did you say you loved me?!
Jude - *laughs* yes and I do.
Selina - *melts* I love you too
Jude - Yes!  I can't wait to see you.
Selina - I can''t either, hurry!
Jude - ok, I am leaving now!
Selina - Bye
Jude - Bye

Selina didn't have to wait long before Jude arrived, running to see her (although he was running in the wrong direction!). Selina kissed him and invited him in. Jude happily accepted.

Following the conversation, Selina had a new confidence. She wanted her first time to be tonight with Jude. She sat on the bed and hoped Jude would catch on.

Unfortunately, Jude was a little slow. He sat down to read his book.

Selina asked Jude if he fancied joining her. He soon caught on and dropped his book!

Selina and Jude cuddled in bed. Selina made the first move..

Jude said he didn't want to at the moment.

Jude explained the bed was similar to the one his mum had. He suggested the shower instead..

Selina and Jude got steamy in the shower.

Selina and Jude loved it! They were sure they saw petals fall around them..

Selina decided to try the bed again..

Selina was hopeful as he strutted towards her... (I laughed so hard when I saw that strut!)

But Jude got into bed and fell asleep straight away!

Selina was a bit annoyed and laid with her back towards Jude. That is until he snuggled up to her and whispered "I love you" in her ear.

*End of chapter 5. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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