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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Selina decided to celebrate their first morning and first night with some pancakes. She mixed the ingredients in a large bowl.

Jude woke up to the aroma of pancakes and wanted to celebrate the occasion with another romantic selfie...

Whoops! Selina didn't have enough time for a romantic selfie whilst cooking the pancakes...

Jude panicked as the fire continued to spread! Whereas Selina got a fire extinguish to tackle the fire.

The fire office arrived just in time! Thankfully no one was injured but the stove needed replacing. Also there was a nasty singed patch on the carpet.

The insurance money helped cover the cost of a new stove, though Selina was out of pocket now. Jude and Selina still hadn't had breakfast so Selina started again..

Selina cooked waffles instead this time and Jude read a book (on Selina's strict instructions!)

Selina had cooked the waffles well, there was still some left over too. Over breakfast Selina and Jude decided to have no romantic selfies during cooking!

Jude thanked Selina for a wonderful night and breakfast. He apologised for panacking during the fire. Selina told him she had done a fire safety course at her high school.

Jude was still very tense after the fire so Selina gave him a back massage.

Selina proposed going steady to Jude. He accepted!

Jude whispered in Selinas ear "you are the best thing that has ever happened to me".

Selina decides to propose to Jude...

.. who was a bit shocked as he wanted to propose to Selina..

...Selina told Jude it doesn't matter who proposes to who, they both want to get married ..

.. Jude agrees, accepts the proposal and admires his ring.

Jude and Seline embrace and think of their wedding and future together.

*End of chapter 6. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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