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Monday, 8 September 2014

Whilst eating her cereal, Selina decided to visit the summer fete.

Selina's parents never allowed her to visit the Riverview summer fete, she was so excited when she saw the selection of stalls and amusements. She wanted to try them all!

Selina decided to try the hot dog eating competition, the cereal she had for breakfast wasn't quite as satisfying as she had hoped. She did start to feel full very quick and even chocked twice!

It all paid off as Selina won the competition! Two of her fellow competitors were still eating and the other had ran to the bathroom to be sick. For winning Selina received 5 festival tickets and a plate of hot dogs (although she didn't want to even look at them!). She was also in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately Selina's afternoon at the summer fete was cut short when it started to rain, not sosummer weather! She also forgot her umbrella so decided to head home.

Selina was about to order a taxi to take her home, when she realised she had to be at work in 30 minutes! Thankfully she had brought her work uniform, she had just enough time to get changed in the toilet before the taxi arrived. She now had 15 minutes to be at work, she couldn't be late for her first day!

Thanks to Selina's quick running and the fast taxi she managed to get to work with just 2 minutes to spare. Her boss noticed and wasn't best pleased so Selina decided to work hard all shift to prove herself. Thankfully her boss noticed this too and decided to promote her to roadie and offered her some extra hours after work to help the band set up. Selina decided to stay and do the extra hours to make a good impression. She earned some extra money, chatted to the band and got a bonus for her work performance.

Just as Selina was leaving work she received a phone call from Jude Brandon, asking her on a date! He said he saw her in the hot dog competition, even stuffing her face she was the most beautiful sim he had ever met! He sneaked a peak at the winning information for her number and just had to call her. Although Selina did find his behaviour a bit weird she was flattered all the same, she decided to accept his offer of a date.

Selina agreed to meet Jude at the park near her work, she was excited to meet her stalker as she had nicknamed him. When she laid eyes on him she knew he was the most attractive sim she had ever met and started gushing!

Selina and Jude hit it off instantly, they chatted, got to know each other and even had a bit of a gossip. Selina heard from a work colleague the karaoke bar was tonight's hot spot, so they moved the date there.

As soon as Selina and Jude walked in they could see it was the place to be. They were about to sing karaoke together when Jude got a phone call and had to rush off, he promised he would call in the morning. Selina was left feeling a bit put out and unsure if she had done something wrong. She was also dubious on whether he would call or not, knowing running off after a phone call was a trick people used to get away from a bad date. Selina decided to sing karaoke by herself, it cheered her up a little, especially as she got some cheers from the audience. Before Selina knew it it was closing time and she ordered a taxi to get her back home.

Selina arrived back at home just as the sun was rising, what a long day she thought as she climbed into bed. She had a dream about travelling to the future and wondered whether Jude would call.

*End of chapter 2, chapter 3 will be uploaded soon. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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