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Sunday, 14 September 2014

The writing class Jude took the day before inspired him to start his first novel, The Holmberg-Weidler effect.

Selina practised the guitar and gained another level. She was now at level 5.

Selina felt the familiar sickness feeling again and started running to the bathroom.

Selina managed to get to the toilet in time. She cleaned her teeth and wondered why she was feeling sick so much.

Jude asked Selina how she was feeling now. Selina felt better, the sickness came and went very quickly. Jude told Selina she looked beautiful and kissed her.

Selina and Jude had some fun in the shower.

 Selina and Jude ate some dinner (waffles again).

After dinner Selina pratised the guitar whilst Jude started writing his next novel.

Whilst Selina practised the guitar she started to feel different, she looked in the mirror..

Selina changed into pregnancy clothes. She realised it was morning sickness that was making her ill! Selina and Jude couldn't wait to be parents.

*End of chapter 10. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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