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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Autumn is almost finished with her first sketch.

Selina and Jude receive a free vacation!

The children get bicycles.
(The school bus doesn't always turn up. The bicycles from left to right are Aiden's, Autumn's, Archie's, Aimee's and Alice's)

Homework is harder now Autumn and Aiden are older.

Autumn invites over her crush Teddy and her best friend Tessa.
It's love at first sight for Aiden but he is too shy to talk to Tessa.

Autumn and Teddy talk.

Autumn and Teddy flirt.

Autumn makes the first move.

Teddy reciprocates.

It's getting late so Teddy has to go home. He thanks Autumn for the wonderful kiss and promises to call her when he gets back.

*End of chapter 35. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*

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