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Thursday, 11 September 2014

It was the summer fete again. Jude had a few more things to sort out with his mums will and he would meet Selina at the fete,

Selina washed up the dishes from dinner.

Selina then quickly changed... (love this shot!)

.. into her everyday clothes. She locked the door and headed to the fete.

As Selina was jogging to the fete she passed a sim who really need to shower!

Selina decided to give the hot dog competition a miss. She went roller skating instead, she had never been before and was a bit scared (love this shot too).

Selina tripped and wobbled a few times, but managed to stay on her skates. (Also love this shot)

Before long Selina had started to grasp the basics of skating and was more steady on her skates.

Jude joined Selina on the skating ring. After a while they stopped to have a break.

Jude decided to have some fun, he told Selina to look the other way...

... Jude then threw a water balloon at Selina!

Selina told Jude "it's on"

Jude and Selina sized each other up

Jude heckled Selina

Selina threw her first water balloon at Jude

Jude moved out of the way too fast!

Jude threw his first water balloon which was perfectly aimed at Selina's face

Selina fell down in surprise!

Selina threw another water balloon

Jude didn't have time to dodge

Jude fell backwards!

After a while they decided to head home.

Jude and Selina cuddled in bed

One thing left to another...

Jude and Selina thought they heard chimes this time!

Jude and Selina ate dinner

They talked about starting a family, they hoped to have a successful legacy!

*End of chapter 8. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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