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Sunday, 14 September 2014

After a wonderful night with Jude, Selina decided to play the guitar.

Selina decided to go inside and start cooking breakfast,

However, Selina doesn't feel so good..

Selina realises she is going to be sick!

Selina ran to the bathroom so quickly her feet didn't touch the ground!

Selina manages to get to the bathroom in time.

Selina cleaned the toilet and wondered why she was sick.

Jude woke up, he didn't know Selina was unwell.

Selina cooked breakfast for Jude.

Whilst Jude made the bed.

After a lovely breakfast of waffles (again), Selina convinced Jude to follow his dream of being an acclaimed author.

Jude decided to take a class in writing.

Selina looked through the newspaper to see which classes were discounted that day. It was fishing, but Selina and Jude didn't have an interest in the subject.

Selina spent most of the day practising playing the guitar.

Jude returned from his class late and they went straight to bed.

*End of chapter 9. Feedback would be appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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