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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Selina Sapphire grew up in Riverview with her strict and controlling parents. She always loved music, especially playing her guitar, and wanted to be a rock star when she was older. However, he parents laughed at the idea and told her to get a 'real' job or they would cut her off. She decided to follow her dreams and move to Starlight Shores.
Selina is virtuous, lucky, excitable, rebellious and family orientated.

Selina looked at her new house, it wasn't much but it was her new home.

Selina's new home had all the basics including a small kitchen, a table and chairs, a bed, a toilet and a shower.

With the money left over Selina also bought a laptop and a new guitar (she had to leave her old one behind). 

Selina played the guitar into the late afternoon and increase her guitar skill to 3. When her stomach started to rumble she realised she hadn't eaten anything that day.

Selina chose to have a salad for dinner, she didn't really want to cook as she had no cooking skills and didn't want to burn down her kitchen!

Selina washed up her plate and used her new laptop to look for a job. She found a job opening in the music field as fan.

Selina hoped increasing her guitar skill would ensure promotion.

Selina was getting tired, she looked at the time and it was past midnight! After such a long and exciting day she knew she would sleep well.

Selina dreamt of stardom, weddings, babies and her new job.

*End of chapter 1, chapter 2 will be uploaded soon. This is my first legacy and story in general so any constructive feedback would be very much appreciated.*
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