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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Selina woke up to a grumbling stomach, she was getting tired of quick meals so decided to actually use her stove and cook some breakfast.

After looking at the ingredients in her fridge Selina decided to make waffles. She also felt her cooking bar go up by looking at her ingredients!

In the middle of preparing the waffles Selina gets a phone call from Jude. He asked how she is and asked if he could come round. Selina said she was good and said she would look forward to seeing him but wanted to finish her breakfast first.

Selina finished preparing the waffles and put them in the oven. She checked them twice to make sure they weren't burnt, even though she had a glass door!

Third time was the charm as Selina brought out some tasty looking waffles.

Selina sat down for breakfast and wondered what would happen with next with Jude.

Selina had enough time to wash the dishes and make the bed before Jude arrived.

Selina went outside to greet Jude, he seemed more interested in taking romantic selfies. They decided this wasn't the best picture.

After the selfie failure Jude greeted Selina, or at least Selina's lips!

Selina decided to give Jude a bunch of flowers, her favourite colour was purple and the description said the flowers were perfect!

Jude thanked Selina for the flowers.

Jude told Selina how beautiful she looked.

Jude and Selina tried again to take a romatic selfie, the result was even worse than the first one! (It is the best and worst romantic my sims have taken!) Jude got another phone call and had to run off again. Selina was left feeling annoyed, today was not her lucky day!

*End of chapter 4. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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