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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Selina woke up feeling disappointed with the lack of phone calls from Jude and decided to have a nice warm shower to cheer herself up, Whilst she was in the shower her phone started to ring, she dived out but accidentally switched the cold tap on and ended up freezing cold and missed the phone call anyway.

Luckily Jude called back straight away and aplogised for leaving suddenly last night, He asked if Selina was busy today. Selina told Jude she had work in the afternoon and asked him if he would like to come over for a while. Jude instantly agreed and told her he would be round soon.

Selina got the guitar out whilst she waited for Jude to arrive. She didn't have to wait long before he turned up as he promised. Selina started putting the guitar away but Jude asked her to keep playing, he tapped his feet and hummed along to the tune.

Jude apologised again for leaving suddenly, Selina said it was no problem and was glad he was with her. They chatted for a while, Selina found out Jude was single (phew), his traits were bookworm, creative, perfectionist, natural cook and charismatic. His lifetime wish was to be an illustrious author. They ended up chatting about babies and agreed they both wanted children one day.

Before Selina and Jude knew it Selina's carpool had arrived. She quickly got changed into a grey tracksuit for work. Selina said she knew she looked bland, Jude said she looked beautiful no matter what she wore.

Selina surprised Jude with a kiss before she really had to leave for work. Jude was not expecting this and was taken back at first..

But soon kissed Selina back. It was both Selina and Jude's first kiss and it was beautiful for them both. They agreed to meet again tomorrow before Selina had to rush off to not be late for work.

When Selina was at work Jude helped to install the new window Selina wanted. He had to leave before she got back from work.

Selina worked hard for a while, before taking a break to meet her colleagues before working at 'business as usual' speed. Selina got promoted to stage hand. With the bonus she received from her promotion she installed a burglar alarm, after one of the roadies told her he had been robbed!

After work Selina decided to have some fun by playing on her laptop. She also noticed a strange man outside her window who kept yawning. Selina kept one eye on him at all times unsure of what he was doing.

After a while Selina had a full fun bar but the strange man was still there. Selina couldn't stay awake any longer and triple checked the locks before heading to bed. She dreamt of kissing Jude and his mesmerising eyes.

*End of chapter 3. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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