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This is your chance to choose what content this blog will have. Now I am wrapping up generation 1 it is time to think about generation 2.

1. Are you happy with the amount of chapters for generation 1?

(There will be around 40 in total).

Do you think there are too many chapters?
Do you want me to only write about the important events?

2. Are you happy with the length of the chapters?

Do you want chapters which are longer?
Do you want chapters which are shorter?

3. Do you have any other suggestions?

Please fill out the poll to the right or use the contact page.

Your feedback will be appreciated and noted, this is
your chance to decide the content of this blog!

Do you have a question or query?
Would you like to give me feedback on my legacy story?
Have you spotted an error, broken link or spelling mistake?

 If so please use the contact form below and I will get back to you.

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