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Monday, 22 December 2014

Autumn and Aiden are enjoying their breakfast

Selina tries to play the guitar but finds it is getting harder and harder with the growing bump

Jude hugs Selina and tells her it wont be long now

Selina tells Jude she would like a home birth this time around.

Jude gets to work on his next novel.

Selina realises it's time again.

Then she remembers the pain!

A new baby girl makes the pain worth it...

... so did the next TWO babies. That's right, triplets! Please welcome Archie, Aimee and Alice to the Sapphire family.
(For the record I didn't use mods but Selina does have the fertility treatment reward. I now have five children from two pregnancies)

The nursery needed another extension for triplets.

*End of chapter 21. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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