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Monday, 22 December 2014

After finishing his third novel, Jude was keen to get started on his fourth

Selina keeps helping Aiden walk as he seems a little wobbly on his feet at times

All the practice paid off, Aiden can now walk

Selina and Aiden share a special hug for learning to walk

Autumn is now almost potty trained

Autumn loves her big girl potty

Jude and Selina enjoy a cuddle in bed

Aiden suggests trying for another baby now the twins are older

Selina agrees, she would love another baby. Hopefully one this time as having twins can be a handful!

Jude and Selina shake a few bed springs loose

They hope they are pregnant but will just have to wait and see

*End of chapter 18. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*


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