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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Selina and Jude decided to buy some baby things now Selina was pregnant. They bought a crib with a cute bamboo motif, a rocking chair and a teddy bear. It wasn't much but it would be enough until the baby was older.

Selina rocked in the rocking chair, thinking of what it the new baby and being a mum. She was nervous and excited at the same time.

Selina went to bed early, the pregnancy was really taking all of her energy.

Jude said he wouldn't be long, he just wanted to finish a few more pages of his novel. He really needed to earn some money now a new baby was on the way.

 Jude had just finished writing his novel when he looked up and realised that he had been writing all night. He hadn't mean to write for so long but he was pleased he had finished his second novel.

Jude crept into bed, hoping not to wake Selina.

Jude was very quiet getting into bed but Selina automatically cuddled up to Jude. Selina had dreams of the baby and all the new things they would have to buy. Jude had dreams of the baby too and how much money they would need.

*End of chapter 11. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank-you for reading.*
I would like to apologise for the delay in between chapter 10 and 11. I have more chapters lined up :)


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